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Is Your Home Older Than 50 Years Old?

Are you noticing more and more water leaks popping up in your home over the last few years? If so, it may be time to consider a re-pipe. Repiping is a system-wide solution that allows you to take a comfortable shower, wash dishes, wash laundry, and in fact, use all your faucets and fixtures at the same time.

While Repiping gives you peace of mind of having no more leaks develop, It also gives you great water pressure throughout your home, improves the delivery of hot water, and eliminates high water bills from wasted water.

While Re-piping your home will likely be one of the largest plumbing repairs you’ve ever faced, the investment will be well worth the peace of mind for decades to come.


Why Water Pipes Fail

Older homes were mostly piped with Galvanized Steel, or sometimes Polybutylene that corrode and fail over time. These materials can become extremely unhealthy by allowing decay and mineral deposits to get into your potable water system, resulting in unpleasant colored water, poor water pressure, and compromised plumbing fixtures.


What Is Galvanized Steel and Polybutylene?

Galvanized Steel pipes are steel pipes that have been dipped in a protective zinc
coating with the intension of preventing corrosion and rust. Galvanized pipes were commonly used for water lines in homes built before the 1960s; although they can last for as long as 60 years, the zinc over time erodes shorting the pipes life expectancy causing the pipe to fail from clogs, corrosion, and breakage.

Polybutylene is a form of plastic resin that was used extensively in the manufacture of water supply piping from 1978 until 1995. Due to the low cost of the material and ease of installation, polybutylene was viewed as “the pipe of the future” and substituted for traditional copper piping. Unfortunately, polybutylene pipes were too fragile to withstand common disinfectants found in the public water supply, and over time caused mini-fracture ruptures and leaks. Polybutylene pipes are no longer manufactured or rated by US building codes, and any existing polybutylene pipes should be replaced before they fail.


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Signs You May Need A Re-pipe

Low Water Pressure?

Low water pressure is an early indicator of plumbing trouble. Over time, pipes (especially galvanized pipes) develop interior corrosion and buildup that restricts water flow. Because the entry pressure of water is constant, leaks can develop causing mold and mildew as well as water damage to your home.

You Get Scalded in the Shower When Someone Flushes a Toilet?

Your plumbing system was designed to service all water outlets simultaneously. But inhibited water flow caused by internal corrosion or leaky pipes can cause cold water to be drained from the shower when it is needed for a sink or toilet, leaving you with only hot water in the shower and you know what that feels like!

You Have Slab or Pinhole Leaks?

If you live in California, your home could be designed in such a way that it is vulnerable to developing slab and pinhole leaks. When this happens, you need to repipe your home before water damage, mildew, and large water bills develop.

You Own An Older Home?

Older homes that have pipes made from inferior materials like low-quality copper, galvanized steel, Polybutylene and cheap plastics are simply not made to last. It is simply a matter of time before they fail and cost you thousands of dollars in water damage and repairs.

You Have Rusted-Colored or Yellow Water?

The “rusty water from the tub” is a sure sign of corrosion within your plumbing system. This not only contaminates your drinking and shower water, it also causes your clothes to be stained in the washing machine and reduces the lifespan of water filters.


Benefits of Re-piping Your Home

After a Re-pipe you have:

  • No more LEAKS!
  • Excellent water pressure
  • Clean water
  • Quality Plumbing
  • Peace of mind
  • Positive selling point for your home


Re-pipe The Quick-Flo way!

Most repiping jobs can be finished within three days or less as repiping is our specialty. Here at Quick-Flo Plumbing & Rooter our experienced plumbers only use high quality material like type “L” hard copper or Pex-A piping made in America that last for decades.

In addition to the temperature balance valves for bathtubs and showers, the shut-off valves we install are durable components made of brass and stainless steel.

All our crew members are personally trained for the highest degree of skill and workmanship. We pride ourselves on detail and stand behind our work, 100%, guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Remember, we even offer emergency services 24 hours a day and never charge extra for weekends or holidays. So, call now 323-610-2812 to speak to one of our friendly representatives and schedule your appointment today for a FREE estimate on a Repipe!

IF I COULD GIVE 10 STARS I WOULD!! After being broadsided with a diagnoses of a leaking water pipe under the slab, my contractor and plumber friends encouraged us to repipe our 33 year old home.

- Gary S.
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