Water Leaks

Water leaks may seem like a common occurrence with many homeowners familiar with the irritation of a dripping tap. However, not all leaks are as simple as the obvious dripping faucet. Sometimes water leaks are under slab or in other hidden areas that if left untreated, can threaten the foundation of your home.

Slab leaks are water leaks that occur within the slab foundation of a building or home and can lead to a variety of problems, such as shifting foundations, mold or mildew growth, water damage, increased water bills, and more.


Signs you may have a water leak:

  • Running water sounds when no water is being used
  • Hissing or whistling sounds near water sources
  • Visible cracks on walls or flooring
  • Mold or mildew appearing on walls or flooring
  • Sudden wet spots on carpeting or flooring
  • Higher water bills than normal


Common Areas Water Leaks Occur:

  • Beneath concrete slabs
  • Inside walls and/or flooring
  • In crawl spaces or basements
  • In water lines in yards or driveways

If you believe that you have a slab leak, don’t delay! Call our leak experts at Quick-Flo Plumbing & Rooter 323-610-2812 to help you quickly and effectively to address the issue.



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Gas Leaks

First and foremost, if you suspect a natural gas leak, evacuate the area immediately to a safe location and call 911 or the SoCal Gas Company at 1-800-427-2200. Call Quick-Flo Plumbing & Rooter at 323-610-2812, our licensed gas experts are ready to help!


Not sure you have a gas leak? Common signs include:

  • Gas smell, often described like sulfur
  • Unusual hissing or whistling sounds near a gas line or appliance
  • Noticeable damaged connection to a gas line or appliance
  • Dirt or water debris being blown into the air near a gas line or appliance
  • Exposed pipe after an earth quake, fire, or flood


What Causes Gas Leaks?

Soil over long periods of time can corrode galvanized pipes, old valves with broken seals, and wore out gas connectors are just a few reasons gas leaks occur.

What Will the Gas Company Do?

If the gas company detects a leak, they normally shut down the gas system to the property by red tagging the meter and placing a lock it, recommending contacting a licensed plumber for repairs.

At Quick-Flo Plumbing & Rooter, for the comfort of the homeowner, we normally call the gas company an hour prior to the repair being completed, as they are the only ones that can remove the lock and turn the gas back on to your home.


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Sewer Leaks

Breaks in your sewer line are not just a nuisance, but can compromise the health of you and your family. Our leak detection specialists at Quick Plumbing & Rooter are thoroughly trained professionals capable of identifying a leak, and providing permanent solutions preventing them from occurring in the future.


Causes of sewer leaks:

Old Age – Like most man-made materials, sewer line damage can occur because the pipes are old. Overuse and harsh conditions corrode the metal, leaving pipes vulnerable to breaks and leaks.

Obstructions – Be mindful of what you put down your drains. Objects such as paper products, excessive food, and grease can block your pipes, causing backups.

Tree Roots – Because sewer lines are a source of water, if you have trees on your property, branches can grow towards the pipe, causing leaks, or other sewer line failures.



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If you believe your home has a leak, contact our skilled technicians at Quick-Flo Plumbing & Rooter. We understand that you have plenty on your plate and the last thing you need to do is worry about a plumbing leak. Our team will work quickly and efficiently to help you get back on track.

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