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Maintaining Your Gas Line

Few things in a home are as dangerous as a gas leak.  An unsuspecting homeowner can receive a phone call or light a match to disastrous and deadly consequences.  A broken gas line is a life-or-death situation and critical that it be fixed immediately. It does not matter if it is your fireplace, stove, or other kitchen appliance that is leaking, any of them could cause a devastating explosion.

Gas line repairs are usually not difficult, but under no circumstances should any homeowner attempt it! Leave it to the professionals at Quick-Flo Plumbing & Rooter as we know all there is to know about gas line maintenance and repair.


What Causes Gas Leaks?

Gas leaks can occur for many reasons. Pipes imbedded in soil over long periods of time, broken valve seals, and wore out appliance connectors are just a few reasons why gas leaks occur.


Small gas leaks may not have a smell or other physical signs. However, if there is a gas leak in the home, a person may notice:

  • The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs
  • A hissing or whistling sound near gas lines or appliances
  • A white cloud or dust cloud near a gas line or appliance
  • Bubbles in water
  • A damaged gas pipe or appliance connection
  • Dead house plants
  • A gas bill higher than normal



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What If I think I have A Gas Leak?

If you smell a natural gas odor, hear a hissing sound of gas escaping or see other signs of a leak:

  • First, evacuate to safe location and immediately call 911 or the SoCal Gas Company at 1-800-427-2200.
  • Second, contact Quick-Flo Plumbing & Rooter for emergency gas services at 323-610-2812.
  • DON’T smoke, light a match, candle, or any other flame.
  • DON’T turn on or off any electrical appliances (including light switches).
  • DON’T operate motorized equipment, or use any device that could cause a spark.

Once reported to the gas company, they’ll perform an inspection and if a gas leak is found, they’ll immediately shut-off  the gas to the property by red tagging the gas meter and placing a lock it.


When Should I Shut-Off My Gas?

If you believe you have an emergency, at the minimum you should know how to turn off the gas to your home or business. This can be accomplished by locating the shut-off valve that normally runs vertical with the pipe on the gas company side of the meter.

Take an adjustable wrench, 12” or larger, and turn the valve 1/4 turn in either direction until the valve is crisscross with the pipe; repeat the process to turn the meter back on.


How Do I Turn Off The Gas To My Appliance?

For safety, a shut-off valve is installed at every gas appliance. Rather than shutting off the gas to the entire home, you may want to shut off the gas to a particular appliance. To do so, just 1/4 turn the valve located just before the gas connector hose thats assigned to each appliance.



Who Do I Call For Gas Line Repairs?

For fast professional service, take that next step and call the experts at Quick-Flo Plumbing & Rooter. We have the necessary experience to locate, diagnose, and quickly perform all repairs on gas leaks, making your home safe again. Remember, a broken gas line is no joke, neither is a leaky stove or other appliance. Call us and we will put you back on safe ground!

Once repairs are made, we normally call the So Cal Gas Company an hour prior to the repair being completed, as they are the only ones that can remove the lock and turn the gas back on to your home.

Remember, we even offer emergency services 24 hours a day and never charge extra for weekends or holidays. So, call now 323-610-2812 to speak to one of our friendly representatives and schedule your appointment today for a FREE estimate on Gas Leak Detection &  Repair!

I called on a Saturday with people coming over. My kitchen sink was backing up. Phillip came out within 2 hours and fixed my clog, showed me the problem and didn’t charge me an outrageous price.

- Roger H.
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