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Get Emergency Sewer Service, The Quick-Flo Way!

For most people when a sewer back-up happens, it happens unexpectedly preventing you from using your home’s plumbing facilities. Whether it’s your main drain under the house or sewer in the middle of the street, you need it cleared right away!

As a premier sewer company, our emergency service professionals have led the industry by cleaning more sewers drains and performed more sewer line repairs than the average plumber!

We at Quick-Flo Plumbing & Rooter specialize in providing both residential and commercial services. Whether the sewer is on your property or in the middle of the street, we have the experience and necessary sanitation license to repair any sewer, any drain, anywhere!



Around-the-clock EMERGENCY SERVICE means you will have a clear sewer when you need it most!



What Kind Of Clog Do I have?

The location of the clog is important because it helps plumbers understand the type of clog your dealing with. Most stoppages are typically found to be in the yard or in the middle of the street, cause by root intrusion.




What If A Snake Cannot Clear May Sewer?

Most of the time drains can be cleared with a simple snake service, but for those hard stoppages that just won’t drain, Hydro Jetting is recommended.

Hydro Jetting is a service that has a 98% effectiveness of clearing any drain, anywhere! The hydro jetter is capable of shooting up to 4,000 psi of pressured water into the pipe, and with its special heads, its capable of cutting roots, removing dirt, removing grease, and other particles (see Hydro Jetting page).



For EMERGENCY SERVICES Contact Us Directly At 323-610-2812 For Fast, Reliable Service!


Our plumbers are specifically trained to know exactly how to clear your stoppage. We have the essential equipment needed to make all necessary repairs so your sewer is cleared after our first visit, “If we can’t clear your sewer, no one can!” Our fast-efficient repairs and our emergency services will correctly diagnose your problem and offer a permanent solution.

Remember, we never charge extra for weekends or holidays So, call now 323-610-2812 to speak to one of our friendly representatives today and take advantage of our $69.00 Rooter Special & Free Camera Inspection!

These guys are awesome and know what they are doing. Brad came out on an emergency after our sewage line backed up and left a trail of toilet paper all over the side of our house – YUCK!

- Liz B.
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