CIPP Sewer Lining Rehabilitation

Sooner or later as with all older homes, sewer and drain pipes eventually deteriorate leaving you with the headache of dealing with either slow drains or a stoppage, crippling your plumbing system.

But even after deciding to carry out necessary repairs, you’re faced with the dilemma of fully trenching out the sewer, which can be time-consuming accompanied with expensive labor costs. However, all this can be easily avoided by inserting a CIPP liner.

What is CIPP Lining

CIPP, a Cured in Place Pipe liner is a modern innovative approach that’s becoming the go-to procedure for rehabilitating failed, broken, cracked, and leaky pipes. The trench-less technology entails the use of a liner to create a new pipe within the old one, making it a highly popular and effective repair method when Trenchless Pipe Bursting isn’t an option.


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How Does CIPP Lining Work?

Cured in Place Pipe lining works by first cleaning the pipe from any dirt, grease, or root intrusion insuring a smooth inner surface that resin can adhere and cure.

After locating the area of repair, a textile cloth liner is cut to a predetermined length and saturated with a mixer of liquid resin and hardener, then is subsequently shot into the pipe with compressed air.  Once in the pipe, a tubular balloon the size of the pipe is inserted in the lining cloth and inflated making for a smooth circular solid pipe, sealing all cracks or breaks.

Curing time normally takes between 2 – 3 hours before the resin hardens allowing for the drain to be used. Due to the high-quality of polyethylene material that the cloth is made, the liner does not corrode nor rust drastically improving waste flow. Because of this, sewer pipe lining offers property owners a quick, more affordable and efficient way of repairing damaged or broken sewer lines.


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